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The Community Development Agency's Public Service Portal provides access to submit service requests directly to the Building, Planning, and Environmental Health Services departments. The following service request types can be submitted to request investigation of public health, safety, and code violation concerns.

Private Property Service Request Types Include:
    • Building Without a Permit
    • Dangerous Building
    • Lead Contamination
    • Medical Waste Illegal Disposal
    • Refuse Accumulation on Private Property
    • Septic System
    • Sewage Spill on Private or Public Property
    • Sign(s) Unpermitted
    • Substandard Housing, 1-2 Rental Units within City or County
    • Tree Removal
    • Use Unpermitted
    • Water System (Well, Spring)
Business Service Request Types Include Concerns Associated With:
    • Body Art Facility (Tattoo, Piercing)
    • Foodborne Illness
    • Food Facility (Restaurant, Grocery Store, Deli, Food Truck/Cart)
    • Garbage/Rubbish Vehicle
    • Lodging (Hotel, Motel, B&B)
    • Medical Waste Facility (Doctor's Office, Hospital)
    • Organized Camp
    • Public Pool/Hot Tub
    • Septic Pumper/Hauler Service
    • Solid Waste Facility (Garbage, Recycling)
    • Substandard Housing, 3+ Rental Units within a City or County

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